Večen bo na vas spomin - Manica Koman, 1915


12th January
Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister, Count Czernin offered to the enemy a cease fire without a winner or loser.

16th March
February revolution in Russia, resignation of Czar Nikolai II.

6th April
The USA officially entered the war.

12th May – 5th June
Tenth Battle of the Isonzo.

30th May
The leader of the Yugoslav MP club, Anton Korošec, read the May Declaration to the Viennese Assembly, demanding autonomy under Habsburg rule.

29th June
The Chicago Declaration of American Slovenians.

17th August, – 12th September
Eleventh Battle of the Isonzo.

30th August
Ivan Žolger became a minister without portfolio, the first and only Slovenian minister in the Austro-Hungarian government, under the government of Ernst Seidler.

16th September
The Ljubljana Bishop, Anton Bonaventura Jeglič, publishes his support for the May Declaration; the mass declaration movement begins.

8th October
Death of the central personage of the Slovenian People’s Party, national movement, and the father of May Declaration, Janez Evangelist Krek.

24th October
Start of the first joint Austro-Hungarian-German offensive in the upper Isonzo region between Tolmin and Kobarid (Caporetto); the successful breach of the front triggered the Italian retreat and moved the frontline to the river Piava.

7th November
After the revolution in Russia control was assumed by the Communists led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

International Encyclopedia of the First World War