Večen bo na vas spomin - Manica Koman, 1915


8th March
110 Russian prisoners of war and 7 Russian guards were killed by an avalanche on Vršič.

11th – 16th March
Fifth Battle of the Isonzo.

4th – 16th August
Sixth Battle of the Isonzo.

9th August
Italian Army occupied Gorica (Gorizia).

13th – 17th September
Seventh Battle of the Isonzo.

9th – 12th October
Eighth Battle of the Isonzo.

21st October
Opponent of the war, socialist Fritz Adler shot the Austro-Hungarian prime minister, Count Stürgkh.

31st October – 4th November
Ninth Battle of the Isonzo.

5th November
German Kaiser, William II, and Franz Josef I declared the independent Kingdom of Poland.

21st November
Death of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor and King, Franz Josef I, after a 68-year reign.

International Encyclopedia of the First World War