Večen bo na vas spomin - Manica Koman, 1915
Source: Kobarid Museum
Source: Kobarid Museum
Source: Kobarid Museum

Kobarid Museum

The Museum is dedicated to the events of the First World War on the Isonzo Front. It presents two and a half years of warfare in the Upper Soča Valley, and devotes particular attention to the twelfth Soča battle, known as the Battle of Kobarid. The Museum features numerous interesting exhibits, a relief model of the Soča River Basin, an extensive photographic archive, a model cave and a documentary film presenting one of the largest mountain battles ever fought. The days of these painful trials were poignantly described by Ernest Hemingway in his novel A Farewell to Arms. But for Erwin Rommel, the battle was an important milestone in his brilliant military career. In addition to the rich documentary and photographic materials and other exhibits of the museum, experienced guides provide a subtle insight into the social, economic and political structure of the society of that time and help to reveal the absurdity and deeply unethical nature of the war. The Museum also offers a timeline of Kobarid’s history from pre-historical times to the present. 

The Museum also presents the history of Kobarid from the prehistoric period to the present, and hosts numerous visiting exhibitions. The number of visitors makes Kobarid Museum among the most visited museums in Slovenia. In 1992, it was awarded the highest Slovenian award granted to museums, the Valvasor Prize; in the following year, the museum received a Council of Europe Museum Prize.

Kobarid Museum is also an ideal point of departure for organised sightseeing tours along the Kobarid historical trail, through outdoor museums and across the one-time battlefields in the high mountains, where, by prior arrangement, your exploration will be made all the more worthwhile by the input of knowledgeable guides. 


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