Večen bo na vas spomin - Manica Koman, 1915

Kolovrat Cross-Border Outdoor Museum

Outdoor Museum Kolovrat. Source: Walk of Peace Foundation
Outdoor Museum Kolovrat. Source: Walk of Peace Foundation
A viewing pavilion. Photo: Miha Pavšek

Many consider Mt Kolovrat – rising above the right bank of the Soča between Kobarid and Tolmin and descending towards the Veneto region – one of the most scenic ridges in Slovenia: a splendid panoramic view stretches from the Kanin and Krn ranges and the Banjška Plateau to Mt Sveta Gora and across the Friuli lowlands to the Adriatic sea. This site evokes almost one century-old memories and allows us to look at one of the Isonzo Front battlefields. It was here that the seemingly impenetrable third Italian line of defence called the 'linea d' armata' was constructed. But the German troops overran the positions as early as the evening of the first day of the last Soča battle, on 24 October 1917.

There is no future without cooperation

A viewing pavilion was built within the "Reshape 2012 project" by a cultural association from the Province of Udine at Trniški vrh, which rises over the long Kolovrat ridge. A wooden pavilion with two "main entrances" opening in the direction of Italy and Slovenia is situated on the border line; it was designed as a place for reflection on co-existence and relations between nations. It is a very good example of cross-border cooperation and the ability to overcome historical divisions; it is not merely a platform for viewing the beauties of nature, but also a reminder to everyone that there is no future without a culture of debate and cooperation. Part of the pavilion is built from waste wood, thus underlining environmental issues and calling for economy and simplicity.



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