Večen bo na vas spomin - Manica Koman, 1915

Farewell to arms. Welcome memories.

It has been a long time since we bade farewell to arms, so the memories can now be heard. The stories about the First World War that our grandfathers used to tell us were ignored for a long time. On the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, they are topical again: via the Europeana European project, on the Slovenian regional portal Kamra, a the special web site set up by Slovenian television, and here.  

Source: Kobarid Museum


The   Europeana 1914-1918 project, which Slovenia has joined, brings back such memories, family memories of the war that re-shaped the old continent. 

Europeana 1914-1918 – untold stories and official histories of World War I is a project managed by the European digital library, which brings together resources from libraries and archives from all around the world and private memories contributed by European families. 

This will enable the collection, preservation and public access to valuable documents and items of cultural heritage in one place for future generations. 



Source: Kamra


“History is people. It is written by historians, but lived and created by people, so individual testimonies are very important for recording and evaluating it.”

The Slovenian regional portal Kamra brings together the digitalised heritage of the Slovenian regions. Slovenia’s Album will be used to collect digital copies of photographs preserved in family albums, letters, documents and other items that the inhabitants of Slovenia and Slovenians living abroad have carefully preserved in their attics. 

These include many personal memories of the Great War. So that they do not remain purely personal, anyone can contribute to the collective pool of memories. The content of Kamra is also available via Europeana, the European digital library.


Source: MMC RTV Slovenia

MMC RTV Slovenia

MMC RTV Slovenia will also contribute to numerous events marking the years of carnage in Slovenia in the early 20th century, and internationally by setting up a special web site  First World War 1914-1918. The web site will also serve as a collection point for photographs, postcards, letters and anecdotes told to you by friends or relatives, or any other testimonies about the First World War. 

MMC’s special website will also present material from the archives of TV Slovenia and various articles and views of the four “years of horror”, the preceding period which led to the war, and the aftermath, which lingered for a long time.