Večen bo na vas spomin - Manica Koman, 1915

PEN Meeting Dedicated to WWI


The 46th International Writers' Meeting will be held at Bled between Wednesday and Saturday. Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of WWI, it will bring together about 90 authors from 40 PEN centres around the world.

Both round tables, held on Thursday, and a traditional feature of the festival will be dedicated to the the anniversary of the Great War.
A Farewell to Arms? will explore the war in literature and Do We Live in War or Peace will look at the cultural and political consequences of the war.
The Writers for Peace Committee will be in session on Friday to deliberate on new strategies it can leverage in attempts to pacify conflict zones, according to committee chair Tone Peršak.

The overarching goal of the meeting remains the same: to discuss how to coexist in tolerance and how culture can contribute to that.
"We wish to maintain the positive tradition of art, literature and intellectuals in a world that capital always wants to subjugate," Peršak said earlier this week.
One of the highlights of the event will be a literary evening on Thursday with Pierre Lemaitre, the recipient of the 2013 Goncourt Prize. (Source: STA)

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